Upcoming Poetry Publications

Upcoming Poetry Publications


I believe most of these poems have been piblished (as of November 2014). I am working on updating this entire site, and will get this page current soon!


“Arbitrary Limits,” Tribeca Poetry Review

“The Children’s Blizzard, January 1888,” Encore

"Coastal Fallacy," Room

"How to Pack for God," Room

“I Like the Way Space Is,” The Stray Branch

"If You Only Knew How Easy It Is to Break into My House," The Line Up

“In Hiding,” Verseweavers

“In Louisiana,” The List Anthology

"Later in Life, I'll Have to Become a Recluse," The Medulla Review

"Leaving Long Island," The Line Up

"Making Frogs," The Medulla Review

“My Husband, Excited about Serfs,” Sugar House Review

“Noiseless,” Encore

“The Shape of Birds,” Stickman Review

"Talking Through Walls," Moon Milk Review

"The Thing I Brag about Is How Fearless I Am," Cave Scribbles

“To the Oregon Couple Who Lost Their Cat at the Super 8 Motel in Seward, Nebraska,” The Penwood Review

“Trees of New England,” Sliver of Stone

“Way Out There,” Stickman Review

“What Poetry Means,” Encore

“Where I’ve Lived,” Verseweavers

“The Workers,” Flint Hills Review

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