Poetry Prompt, November 30, 2014

Here is a prompt I prepared for a graduate class years ago. Unfortunately, it was the semester I had to take medical leave, so I never got to give this to students.
As with all prompts, use this as a starting point. If the headline, "Fish Have Feelings, Too" makes you think of snails having feelings, and you just researched snails for your daughter's aquarium and you would rather write about snails than fish, have at it! Prompts are meant to be just what their name says: prompts to get you to write, preferably about something or in a way that challenges you.
In the News
     use actual news headlines for the title, theme, and/or first line of a poem
    below are some real headlines--use one of these or find your own
Fish Have Feelings, Too
Space Pioneer Ready to Fly
His Weapon Sucks
Hospital’s Mystery Piano Man
Pistons Pound Pacers
Do Lobsters Feel Pain?
Out of Sight: Missing Kids
Grenade Was a Threat to Bush
Life Without Raymond
Robber Makes Himself at Home
Arcadia Cancelled
Everybody Has a Story
Base Closings Maps
Why Some Homes Don’t Sell
High Price of Death
The U.S. Dollar Is Falling
Why Women Love Nascar
Seal to get Hitched
Sweet Lou Is Mighty Sour
Buddy Vest Case
Swooping Birds Attack Houston Residents
Remember, I am always thrilled to look at any results you have from these prompts!


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