Links to My Poems Currently Online

On this page, you will find links to my poems that are currently on Internet, having been published at one time or another by an on-line journal or a journal with some type of on-line presence. Click on the poem's title to navigate away from this page and get to the journal.

A complete list of my poem publications can be found by using the drop-down menu for this page, and is titled Poem Publications. This list includes links to my poems and to journals that have published my poems.

A (mostly) complete list of awards I have won for poems is in the drop-down menu titled Poetry Awards. Information on my poetry books and anthologies with my poems are on the Poetry Books page, also accessible through the drop-down menu. To see where  and when I have participated in Poetry Readings, click on Readings in the drop-down menu.


Upcoming publications are in the drop-down menu of the What's New page.


"Ars Poetica," Adirondack Review

The Art of Mixing,” Santa Fe Literary Review

Articulable,” Bookpress: The Newspaper of the Literary Arts

"Bad Day," Untitled Country Review

"Children," Prose Poem Project

“CoCo Chanel in the Stairwell,” Poetry East

     Lesson Plan on Genre using Rebecca Brown's "Forgiveness" and Christine Delea's "CoCo Chanel

          in the Stairwell," DePaul University

Confession,” Rose & Thorn

Crush,” The Summerset Review

“Cycles,” Inventing the Invisible/Art in the Air 

Everybody Is Always from Long Island,” Kennesaw Review

Farm Life,” Tipton Poetry Journal

Finally. A Poem about Hickeys,” Foliate Oak

"Geography," Sleet

"Hills," flashquake

How to Choose a Career,” Ozone Park

"How to Cook," FutureCycle

How to Get into Trouble, Film Noir Style,” The Smoking Poet (scroll down)

"How to Talk to Your Yard As If It's Your Lover," American Poetry Journal

     reprinted on the Verse Daily web site, October 6, 2005

I Love Men on Prozac,” Spoon River Poetry Review

The Laboratory Animals, After Katrina,” Spiral Orb

Losing a Country,” Feile-Festa

Miguel de Cervantes,” Homestead Review

The Next New West—Summer, 2002,” Weber Studies

1.2 Miles Outside of Richmond,” Weber Studies

"Pausing, Not Stopping," Prose Poem Project

"Secret to a Happy Marriage," FutureCycle

Sex and Death,” The Teacher’s Voice

Sharing the Tornado’s View,” Weber Studies

The Shoplifter,” The Meadow

Things Old People Remember about Their Youth,” Foliate Oak

"The Undertaker," Prose Poem Project

Valise,” Rose & Thorn Journal

We Are So Much Closer to Death,” Honeyland Review

Wishes for Fish and Bridges,” Driftwood Review

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