2010 Las Vegas Trip

What's new is that I just returned from a trip to Vegas! It was a fabulous vacation, but too short. I met three friends from high school (West Islip High School, class of 1978), and we celebrated our 50th birthdays. Two of us are already 50, and two of us will be so by the year's end. Karen wins 1st prize for most pictures taken, with Phoebe in a close 2nd place--Cindy and I were off the hook as far as taking pictures. But I did take some, and here's just a few. We stayed at NYNY this year, and are already discussing other options for next year. The goal? A yearly trip to Vegas, and we don't stop until we've stayed in every casino-hotel in the city!


Karen, Phoebe, and Cindy: downtown for the Fremont Street Experience and some spontaneous dancin' in the streets to 1970s tunes!











One of the many neons signs that most folks recognize from movies and television.









Cindy and me (and boas) taking a short break from shaking our groove things. And that is a Shirley Temple in my hand.









The theme for the summer of 2010 in downtown Vegas is The 1970s (which is always my theme, so it's nice to see others in the same frame of mind). This is a replica of The Partridge Family bus. Get groovy!







Karen and I met this nice young man as we walked over to Tropicana; he was posing his alien and Jesus figurines all around Vegas and taking pictures. After posing for me, he got a photo of us--Karen holding Jesus and me holding the alien. I didn't get his name, I am sorry to say, but I am sending him groovy karma . . . well, I'm sending it to him, Jesus, and aliens.





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